Re: iedit 0.2 patch

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 05/20/00

> CG>> this is what happens after patching it in. when running make I get these
> CG>> errors
> CG>> (using suns cc compiler):
> CG>>
> CG>> "oedit.c", line 1170: warning: a cast does not yield an lvalue
> CG>
> CG> This suggests that something is wrong with that line, the lvalue is the
> CG> value on the left on an equality, eg:
> CG> lvalue = rvalue;
> only cc produces that error, not gcc.
        Now, I have run quite a few systems, hp, irix, sun/solaris, *bsd*,
linux, etc.  In any case where the system shipped with either a c-compiler
installed or as part of the standard setup (and it wasn't gcc), there were
severe shortcomings.  If you have the ability, I recommend that you
install the entire gnu tool set.  This is quite a bit and includes (but
not limited to):

        (What's that one for the uh.. M4 Macro expansion?)

        The tricky part? Some of these depend on the others existance
first.  From an hp system that had no uncompression utils, and only a
working copy of 'tar', it took me around 12-14 hours to finish installing
everything - though most of that was simply waiting for it to compile.
Stupid apollos.  Sun, from what I remember, took noticably less time.

        Install those, rerun 'configure', make clean, and then compile.

        Other than that, I don't know what to tell you.  Your gdb trace
was not very helpful - it points to the fact that you either don't have
debugging functionality in your compiler, that it was not compiled with
this functionality, or that there was some sort of severe stack smashing
going on - any of which could be true, and none of which help.


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