Re: Newbie MUD Man :)

From: Jeremy Stanley (
Date: 07/13/00

On Thu, 13 Jul 2000, Tom Whiting wrote:
> Aside from that, I'd suggest checking out the following links
> --The Mudconnector
>    --The Mud Staff Resources Page

And don't forget the searchable archive for this mailing list:

It's indispensable for those "less-frequently asked questions" that still
get asked and eventually answered.  Bugs bad;  keyword searches good.
Plus, I find it entertaining reading at times, just browsing the subjects
and reading different threads from report to resolution.  Also, the
CircleMUD developers' site:

But with both of these sites, keep in mind the age of whatever you're
looking at.  The feature discussed may have already been integrated into
the most recent version or there may be a later snippet that does it
better, bug fixes reported, et cetera.  And the best advice of all...
Have fun!

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