Re: Load Room

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 07/13/00

>         I've been trying different things to get this to work and I have
> gotten only partial success.  I would like to have it where when they quit
> and then return to the game were they last were.  I've been able to only
> get them to load if they completely exit out and return, but I am
> wondering what the best method to use to do that.

        So, let me understand this correctly; if a person quits, goes to
the menu for some reason, and then returns to the game, he starts in the
start room for his level/frozen flag?

        Then, you shouldn't have any great problems there, you already
have the code, and if you've goten that far by yourself, surely you can
see where the variable 'in_room' is set to the start room; just change it
to the saved load room.

Elsewise, this subject has really been done to death; searching the
archives for (load room) i get the following useful hits;

        This actually comes up so often, I'd almost question if it should
be placed into the main trunk as a configurable option - it's just a few
lines of code after all.


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