From: Chris Joyce (
Date: 07/23/00

To be honest, i'm not sure what category this falls in.  But it's a small brain fart that i'm having.  I'm adding a bunch of skills to my mud and am getting stuck at a certain part.  Here's the scenerio.

I have a skill called stun.  I have a special procedure for mobs called Defender.  It's basically an ugly ass spec for big mobs that does a bunch of things to players, like area attacks, toss etc.  Basically beats up on players.  Now if the mob is stunned, it won't use it's special for however long it is stunned.  Now i get to my problem.  When a player stuns the mob, I would like it to work for 3 combat rounds, not three minutes.  The way i have it now, i set teh mobs affections to be affected by stun, but that doesn't work as well as I want.  Basically, how do I set things via combat rounds, or what would you guys suggest would be the best way to have somethign only last say 2-3 combat rounds for a mob and then "wear" off unless the mob is restunned.  I would like to do this for a few different skills I have and I'm not sure how to go about doin gthis.  I believe it maybe the WAIT_STATE function, but that doesn't quite make sence to me.  Any suggestions, help would be quite appreciated.


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