Pueblo announcement

From: Shane P. Lee (tacodog21@yahoo.com)
Date: 04/10/01

Those of you who have been reading the last bits of discussion
on Pueblo (the telnet client with the ability to read HTML), are
already aware that a major hangup has been detected.
Pueblo uses HTML 1.0 (thanx for finding this Peter!) which is
not compatible with most DNS systems out there.
Peter has suggested a fix, but my (unl33t) Windoze coding skillz
are not up to par, since I can't get it to compile with MSVC++ 6.0.
For those of you interested, it appears to have been originally
created in MVC. I could be wrong, I am a lot.
Anywho, until a "better" version pops up, I've suspended my work
on making CircleMUD more HTML compatible.
I have a patch (no snippet yet) against bpl18 is anyone is interested
in checking it out. Also, if you would like a small sample of Circle
in HTML, grab Pueblo and send me an email so's I can run the server
I made the changes on.


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