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From: Peter Ajamian (
Date: 04/10/01

George Greer wrote:
> On Tue, 10 Apr 2001, Shane P. Lee wrote:
> >Pueblo uses HTML 1.0 (thanx for finding this Peter!) which is
> >not compatible with most DNS systems out there.
> Uh, come again? What does that have to do with anything? HTML 1.0 does
> really limit your options, but what does DNS have to do with HTML?

It's not a DNS problem, and really has nothing to do with DNS, I believe
that Shane was simply a bit confused in that area.  Anyways, the problem
is that the html server he's using uses name-based virtual aliases which
is not supported under HTML 1.0[1].  Note that I have not verified that
his server is indeed using name-based aliases, however the symptoms he
gave earlier (he can get the files with his normal web browser but not
with Pueblo) along with the fact that Pueblo uses HTML 1.0[1] seem to
indicate that that is the problem.  If you check back in the archives
you'll see the fix I suggested for Pueblo which should (hopefully) make
it HTML 1.1[2] compatible enough to work with name-based aliases (though
I would still call it a far cry from being HTML 1.1[2] "compliant").

[1].  For more details of the older depreciated HTML 1.0 standard refer
to RFC 1945 (

[2].  For more details of the HTML 1.1 standard refer to RFC 2068

Regards, Peter

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