Re: I didn't do it, honest.

From: Peter Ajamian (
Date: 04/10/01

George Greer wrote:
> Apparently there have been a couple of people from various places
> attributing stuff on the FTP stuff to being mine.  Chances are, I didn't do
> it.  There's a lot of good stuff from many other people there.  Most of my
> stuff is meant for inclusion in CircleMUD and will therefore not show up.
> Some assorted stuff (auction, oasis, buffer, wldswp, zlib) is actually mine
> and you're free to ask me on that.  Everything else and I have no idea.

I think this confusion comes largely from the way the developer site
displays new FTP contributions that you did not author, but that you did
post to the site, ie. the following cut and pasted off the main page of
the site...

   FTP Uploads 2001/04/01

                                 Posted Sunday, April 1st @
                                 12:00:13 AM, by George Greer.
                                 New: exits.txt

                                 Click the link below for descriptions

It says "by George Greer" because you made the entry to the site even
though the snippet is, in fact mine.  It can clearly give the impression
that you are, in fact, the author.

Of course I've had snippets attributed to me which are not mine also,
and the above reasoning cannot be applied to that, go figure. ;)

Regards, Peter

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