Re: I didn't do it, honest.

From: Shane P. Lee (
Date: 04/10/01

Actually, I think once again the blame could be laid squarely on
my shoulders. I just finished embarassing myself by asking George
about "his" desc_load patch, which turned out not to be his after
all, before getting all flustered and confused on the list less
than five minutes later.
Also, Peter, I believe I spammed you with several emails a week or
so ago about "your" chess patch. I'm beginning to wonder when I'll
actually start researching this stuff BEFORE sending an email.
The only improvements I would suggest for the developer site would
be to hurry and get the ftp links fixed. It's hard on my little brain
when attempting to point someone to a patch these days.
Other than that, I think the site is great.


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