Re: I didn't do it, honest.

From: Brandon Brown (
Date: 04/11/01

> I think this confusion comes largely from the way the developer site
> displays new FTP contributions that you did not author, but that you did
> post to the site, ie. the following cut and pasted off the main page of
> the site...

I'm going to have to disagree with this one.  However fun it may be to put
blame on George for anything that goes wrong, this can't possibly be the
problem.  In a recent effort to help take away from George's workload, I've
been handling posting the recently submitted snippets - which appear as '
blahblahblah by Brandon Brown at 10:00 etc..', and I not received misplaced
credit for any of them.

Also, the said 'Exits' file which you use in your example..
>                                  Posted Sunday, April 1st @
>                                  12:00:13 AM, by George Greer.
>                                  New: exits.txt

..contains very clear documentation as to who created it:

> Document name: Updated Diagonal Exits Snippet version 2.0
> Created by: Peter Ajamian <>
> Date:  March 26, 2001

You, none the less. ;)

 - B. Brown

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