I didn't do it, honest.

From: George Greer (greerga@circlemud.org)
Date: 04/10/01

Apparently there have been a couple of people from various places
attributing stuff on the FTP stuff to being mine.  Chances are, I didn't do
it.  There's a lot of good stuff from many other people there.  Most of my
stuff is meant for inclusion in CircleMUD and will therefore not show up.
Some assorted stuff (auction, oasis, buffer, wldswp, zlib) is actually mine
and you're free to ask me on that.  Everything else and I have no idea.

While I'm here:

1) CircleMUD bpl19 will change extract_pending_chars() to O(n) + O(1) *
extractions instead of O(n) + O(n) * extractions.  Nothing major but it's
there.  It still won't do recursive extractions though. (Basically
REMOVE_FROM_LIST removed from extract_char_final and moved into
extract_pending_chars list.)

2) A, uh, think-o with get_object_in_equip_vis() may result in interesting
(but nonfatal) results until fixed.

3) You can read the '#warning' comments in the latest CVS patch for the
other little projects I'm looking at.

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