Re: 3 dimensional world arrays

From: Robert Masten (
Date: 06/26/01

George Greer:
> I want to do a "Real World." It would be exceedingly cool to fall out of a
> plane and hit with 6,000 kg*m/s.  Ok, maybe not the example occurring to
> yourself, and you probably don't care about the actual force, but simply
> having code to take that into account would be very nice.

That was basically what I was thinking, but 'creatively' using normal rooms
with checks would become very tedious.  I would rather write the movement
code to account for players flying 6 rooms above the ground when their fly
spell wears off... or those that step off a cliff don't DT but they will
to find the bottom of the cliff face if they want their gear back.

It doesn't seem that hard to implement, it would just suck up a lot of
in the 'rooms' that didn't have to be accounted for before.  But then again
I was toying with dynamically loading and unloading areas as needed.


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