Re: Text Editors and Linebreaks (was Mob bugs)

From: Artovil (
Date: 08/19/01

At 17:30 2001-08-19 -0300, you wrote:
>How can I do that dos2unix???
>I use the Cygwin to compile and stuff and i edit the files with the devc++
>4.0, but somtimes I use WinWord.

*jumps up and down in exasperation and just points at Luna*

But, but... Winword is not ASCII safe? Winword is the devil, Windows Word
is the disowned, outcast, bespittled, and hated mongrel of all plain text
editors.  It does not preserve line breaks, it converts certain characters
automagically, and it does everything Bill tells it to.  It lies to you and
tells you things you want to hear, while it in fact eats your world files
like deep fried chicken.

*shudders at the thought of WinWord editing his worldfiles*

When you edit ANY file in the lib directory, please use an editor that
preserves and takes linebreaks and other ASCII characters into
consideration, for instance, I heartily recommend EditPlus, or any such
editor.  The devc++ is good for code, but not to edit such files with.

If you search on Google for dos2unix you will find several tools that you
can download and use.  There are several that are free, and that you can
get the source for and just compile.  Those are the best kind, since you
can modify the code to suit your needs.

Kind regards,

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