Re: [worldbuilding][idea?]

From: Christopher M. Ryan (
Date: 12/08/96

> has anybody ever thought about writing some code to put a mob inside an
> object?  or has anybody done it yet?  it could provide some neat &
> interesting could actually carry little worlds around
> with you.  once the code to put mobs in objects was written i would
> imagine it would be the next step to put rooms in objects..course, it
> could get complicated.
	This would actually be quite easy but not axactly what you are thinking.
What you do is create an area that can only be entered one way (or a few)
that aren't "normal" entrances. It is similar to the train stuff and the
portal spell combined.
	Define a new object type that has values of the rooms to transport
character the new world. You can edit the exit or whatever (see the portal
spell) for movement and you can edit do_look to say do something like.

> look ruby
The ruby is extremely red but somewhat translucent....
You can see what appeara to be.. (room desc here.)

Hope this gives you some ideas.

Christopher M. Ryan

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