Re: [CODE] compile error

From: Blaize Imperator (
Date: 10/04/00

Jeremy Wrote:

>Hi, I'm trying to compile pl17 with borland builder 5.01 and I hit this
>Type mismatch in redeclaration of 'new_descriptor' and
>Earlier declaration of 'new_descriptor'
>examing the code I noticed in function declaration it says
>int new_descriptor(socket_t s);
>but at the function it says
>int new_descriptor(int s) {

Yep, its like that, and it runs fine...not sure how to use borland, but
there should be a way to turn down error levels, so this becomes just a

>this code compiled on MSVC 5.0 and I recall some kind of warning message
>it did some kind of conversion automatically.  What can I do to make this
>borland friendly?

>on the side note...anyone know how to install MSVC 5.0 while you have IE
>5.5?  I tried to install and it kept giving me errors about can't install
>IE3.0 over IE4.0.  (It installed fine until I put win98 on this computer)

Again, I am not positive, but you should be able to install it if you do a
custom install and choose to not install the IE part of MSVC (I use MSVC
4.x, so im not sure, but it sounds like 5.0 tries too install IE 3.0 as

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