Re: [IDEA] Mortals and Immortal help topics

From: Rasmus 'Con' Ronlev (
Date: 09/28/96

On Fri, 27 Sep 1996, Haddixx wrote:

> I was looking through the do_help routine and noticed that there is nothing
> that prevents a mortal for looking up help on god commands.  I don't really
> like the idea of mortals typing HELP SNOOP or HELP BAN.  I would like to
> prevent mortals from being able to access the help topics for anything in the
> wizhelp.hlp file.  Has anyone implemented this?  The only way I can think
> to segregate the two help topics is through the use of two seperate commands
> but this seems really inefficient and cumbersome, esp for the gods who would
> have to use two different commands to search the help topics.  Anyone have
> any ideas on this?

Yes :) I heard somethign about the never versions of circlemud (bpl11) had
a new type of help system, don't know that exactly, but what I did on my
mud was to make a 'copy' of the read routines and pointer things for the
normal help table, and made a new one called imm_help_table and so on..
Then I changed the do_help command to scan through the imm_help_table
pointer stuff if it did not find an occurance in the normal/mortal help
file, and if the character accessing it is LVL_IMM or higher. It was
pretty simple. Simply grepping arround on help_table and do_help and such
should give you a very good idea of how to implement that type of system.

Another idea might be to add a keyword thing in the helpfile, identifying
the immortal help entries, and then making a bool for immortal/mortal help
access, or to make the whole thing fulyl level check capable... *shrug*

Just a seccond idea :)


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