Re: mud that has no circlemud world files or mobs

From: Brandon Brown (
Date: 05/09/99

<< Oh, lord .. another one who thinks running a mud is the same as coding
 the mud. Or thinks that the IMP should be the coder.
 I am a true believer that you do not have to know how to code, to run a
 mud. I will not argue the fact that it is better to be able to do both!
 However, there are many out there that can code, but not administer a
 mud and vice-versa. >>

I'm kind of hitting several different random points here, bear with me:

I'm it me, or perhaps does it seem that everybody and his dog now
runs a MUD?  You act as if it's such a common position to be an
Implementor... that, hey..if you can't do something, just hire somebody to do
it for you.

A CircleMUD is a big coding and administration project.  What's the point of
taking it on if you can't handle both parts?  Granted, you *can* bring in
people to do it for you, but then..what satisfaction are you getting?

Implementors who start a MUD most commonly (or rather, hopefully), have a
dream about what they want to have their new community do and what it'll look
like in the end.   How do you keep this dream while accepting the other
dreams of whomever you hire?  You can't possibly be a non-coding Implementor,
and be able to pass on to your coder the exact idea of what you want - you
have to do it yourself.  Granted, there is a mixture of possibly good changes
that may occur, but overall, you're not going to get exactly what you want.

<<  However, there are many out there that can code, but not administer a
 mud and vice-versa. >>

Then why run a MUD?  If you can code, but not administer, then running a MUD
is not for you.  MUDs are a complex mixture of code and politics:
 - If you can handle only coding, then go work on an offline project, or
something where you're not dealing with a major mixture of players.
 - If you can only handle the politics, then find a job in the PR department
of a nearby corporation.

From the CircleMUD FAQ:
 " Mud Experience doesn't help a huge amount. _Code experience does_."

B. Brown
Webmaster, CircleMUD WTFaq

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