[OASIS] [BUG?]other immortals not visible

From: Lewis, Jason (JLewis@birch.com)
Date: 01/09/01

Ladies and Gentlemen:

        Last evening I was building on my MUD with a friend and we realized
something, if he or I started writing, when we returned from OLC the other
immortal could not see us until we did a goto the other then we were visible
again. We are both level 34 and other then this I am having no problems. Has
this problem ever been noted anywhere? I wasn't sure where to search on this
one and thought maybe the list could shed some light on it. BTW, I sat down
and played with OASIS and WOW! This OLC rocks compared to most others I have
used, so kudos to the creators and maintainers of this fine OLC module.

Jason Lewis

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