From: Axiem j'Terre (axiem@swbell.net)
Date: 03/13/01

I'm curious: what is your favotire editor for writing/editing code? As well,
what editor was the circlemud code written in, for the most part, if

I've found that things don't quite line up like I'd think they would in some
cases in some editors, but things move around when viewed with different
editors. I haven't found one that lines everything up as I assume it should

Perhaps I'm making an undue assumption that everything lines up...but it
still annoys me to a degree.

I suppose the difference is in how tabs are implemented.

I'm curious, though--what editor was it written in? (As this would be the
editor where everything looks nice)

It's really just a cosmetic thing, and I'd like to know simply for
curiosity's sake, but it's still a point to debate.

I realize this has almost nothing to do with Circlemud, it's more of a
discussion of preferred code editor. So I shall include an ObCircle:

What are some of the nifty improvements that'll be along in bpl18, anyways?

That is all, for now.


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