Re: [IDEAS] DEATH !!!!

From: Alexander van Koppen (
Date: 09/15/96

Hi !

> Come on peoples, lets make this the longest thread in mailing list
> history! :P

Mmh, just thought of something I saw on an Envy Mud:

  Each time a character dies, he leaves his equipment and maybe his
  corpse behind, and becomes a ghost. As a ghost, he has a certain
  amount of time to get back to a temple / fountain of live / ...
  where he can get a new body (without the equip of course...)

  On my own mud (not yet public...) we simply set the position to
  'sleeping' and the hits to 1, and leave a corpse with all the
  equipment at the place where the char died. 

> Thanks, and best regards,
> Mike
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