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From: Rasmus Roenlev (raro94ab@STUDENT.ECON.CBS.DK)
Date: 09/09/97

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On Tue, 9 Sep 1997, George wrote:

>   spello(SPELL_ARMOR, 30, 15, 3, POS_FIGHTING,
> When you first learn armor, it costs 30 magic points to cast it.  Every
> level you go past that, it takes 3 less mana to cast it until it only costs
> 15 magic points.
> The motivation behind this is that when you first learn the spell, you are
> horrible at casting it.  As time goes on, you get better at casting it and
> thus the magic used to cast the spell goes down.

Ok, I'm not sure if I made myself clear in the initial posting. What I
ment was, that when you receive a level you also receive an amount of
hp, mana and movement points. Now, consider the fact, that the spells you
cast are also getting cheaper to cast. This means you get a double
benefit. Personally I think this is wrong. In DikuMUD you got the lower
mana-cost as a result of not getting any mana-points each time you
leveled. You do however get the extra mana each level in CircleMUD, and
thus I am set to beleave, that this is a MS like 'feature' :)
So, either one should scrap the mana gained each level, or one should
scrap the mana-change stuff... This is ofcourse just my oppinion, but I
think it is a pretty decent way to implement the spell-casting and mana
cost system instead of what it is now.

> Typically this balances out well in that when you cast the old weaker
> spells until the new one is more effective than the old after practice.

Ok, as refered to earlier, you're supposed to be bad at casting a spell at
the beginning. Well, in essence you're as good as you prac'ed it to... I
mean practicing is becomming better at casting the spell if I'm not
mistaken entirely... Furthermore you already get the bonus of being able
to cast the spell cheaper relative to your mana as it increases while you
level. This is why I think the mana-change is obsolete. It was part of a
spell-system, where you stayed at 100 mana all the time. Ok, you could add
mana with APPLY_MANA like objects, but that was it.

Guess I'm just not agreeing with the majority. I just thought there might
be a reason to change the spell system a little, to make it 'updated' in
my point of view.


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