Re: Patch/Snippet Resolution

From: Edward J Glamkowski (eglamkowski@ANGELFIRE.COM)
Date: 09/02/98

On Wed, 2 Sep 1998 14:28:58    Andrew Helm wrote:
>On Wed, 2 Sep 1998, George wrote:
>[snip snip]
>> Patching the 'credits' file itself would suffice in most circumstance, the
>> only problem being it breaks when you add two or more of them.  Even a code
>> solution would break (I mean the patch) if you added two.
> Easy solution: Include an installation shell script
> with the patch. A simple
> cat mycredits >> lib/text/credits would do the trick.
> I like the idea of a lib/text/credits file.

Except that it would be up to the patcher to
A. write the shell script (and what do you with Win
B. write directions stating to use the shell script.

It is also really easy to ignore the shell script and
just patch the .diff file anyway.  What you would have
to do is write a shell script that IS the patch.  Which
is to say, generate a .diff file, put it into the
script in such a way that it writes the patch file
upon executing the script (much like the configure
script writes C programs to test for various things),
patches the file and then deletes the patch.
(and then adds your name to the credit file.)

And not everybody knows how to do this.
It also seems like a lot of work, and can be thwarted.
I mean, no matter what you do to try and insure proper
credit is given, any unscrupulous mud imp can just go
and edit the credits file and delete out everybody
except himself, and nothing can stop that...

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