Re: 'heavily modified'

From: George (greerga@CIRCLEMUD.ORG)
Date: 06/16/98

On Tue, 16 Jun 1998, The Green Dragon wrote:

>        Experienced Coder(s) wanted for a very heavily modified

Ever notice how every ad uses that phrase?  I keep forgetting to set up a
filter against 'heavily modified'...  It's a great benefit for USENET too.

Anyway, most bug reports in Jeremy's database are done, with about 10
awaiting Jeremy's response.  As soon as I go through the bugs in my e-mail
folder, I'll probably tidy up enough for a bpl14 release.  I know I said
I'd put in the autoeq and alias saving for bpl14 but that was before I was
given 261 bug reports, most of which were already taken care of. :)

Sometime soon we should have a bug tracking system (JitterBug, online so we can handle the bugs
in a more coordinated fashion. It will be even more handy when more people
get write access to the CVS.  (Don't send applications yet.)

Then maybe I can work on Oasis some more...

George Greer, | Genius may have its limitations, but          | stupidity is not thus handicapped.    |                  -- Elbert Hubbard

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